by stater

What a watch!

The fish-eye 4:3, the color grading, and the amazing sound which follows the motion perfectly.
The click-clack of gun parts and even the fabric of player model creates a realistic setting.
Every single motion has a satisfying moment to it.

So many great angles that re-watching this at 0.5 speed is a feast to eyes.

I only wish this movie was at least double the length.

Like this bullet scene, many of the transitions follow the cameras movement right into the next one, and it just doesn't stop, it goes on and on till the end.

4:3 and fish-eye effect was a perfect choice, it pulls the scene closer in and bright environment together with the aspect ratio created real-life like scene at times that makes you imagine what if Vertigo was a real life location 1 to 1.

Another amazing aspect of this movie is of course the soundtrack, More Styles by The Herbaliser is a perfect choice and only adds to uniqueness to this movie.

Looking forward to next stater projects!

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