Q - How can I contact you?
A - You can contact us directly on contact@wasdgamers.org or you can fill out our contact form on our website.

Q - I want to have my video featured on your YouTube channel, is that possible?
A - Send us the original file of the video and we will manually review it and decide if we feel that it should be featured on our channel. Using our WASD intro will help a lot in our decision.

Q - My video was uploaded on your channel, I want it removed.
A - If you are the owner of that video and we did not manage to reach you and we uploaded your video regardless, please send us an email at contact@wasdgamers.org and we will remove it if requested.

Q - Where are all the old videos on YouTube from your channel?
A - Original WASD channel has rebranded to gamewise and does not feature any previously uploaded frag movies from WASD Gamers. We will eventually re-upload old frag movies but our priority is to feature new releases right now.

Q - Website seems to be incomplete?
A - This website is under construction and is currently offering basic information such as contact information and latest releases, this will change over time. Thank you for your patience.