"WASD Gamers" was created in October 2010 by Axel "Regulator" Bowen-Dale as a PC-exclusive FPS gaming community channel to showcase user-created movies and artwork for popular shooter games.
Soon after it's creation, Ivan "ureon" Ivas (Then known under alias "NSNIA") joined "WASD Gamers" as a co-manager and helped grow the channel into a household name in the FPS gaming scene.

The channel was largely inspired by the Call of Duty frag movie scene. PC enthusiasts didn't have anything exclusively PC oriented and WASD Gamers offered a platform to those. The name derived from the "WASD" keyboard layout found on English PC keyboards which is the default movement binding in FPS games.

WASD is world renown for its support of vintage e-sports titles. It was especially popular channel for videos using "promod", a mod featured in Call of Duty 4. Promod was extremely popular amongst PC community playing COD4 and it's still going strong to this day.

WASD also featured other classic FPS titles such as UT, Quake, Call of Duty and Counter-Strike as well as niche edits from games such as Day of Defeat, TF2 and Shootmania.
Over the years, WASD gained 25,000+ subscribers on YouTube and more than 2+ million views total with over 300+ videos uploaded.

WASD featured hit shows like top plays of the month and Video Editing competitions.
WASD eventually slowed down with uploads after 2020 and ceased it's operation from there onward.

The original channel rebranded as "Gamewise" - which focuses on PC gaming content from other genres and is managed by WASD founder Axel "Regulator" Bowen-Dale.

In mid 2024, WASD featured a full overhaul to its design and started from scratch by ureon in hope to bring back the popularity of this style of editing and bring together the community of various FPS games to one place. The rest, is history...

2010 - 2020


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